Current condition of Cornfields

The Cornfields is a ten-acre site adjacent to Waveny Pond on the east side of the park. When Waveny Park was the Lapham's private estate, this area was literally a cornfield and part of the working farm. In the 50 years since New Canaan acquired the property, this area has suffered from lack of purpose and unfortunately has become the final resting place for New Canaan's pond dredgings, used asphalt and broken curb. It has also suffered from an extensive Phragmites infestation, which covers approximately seven acres.

The Waveny Park Conservancy has secured funding to restore the cornfields to a pristine wildflower meadow surrounded by a healthy woodland verge. The restoration, which will include walking trails and benches for bird watching, will be accomplished over a four-year period. The elimination of the Phragmites will take at least two years, accompanied by major site works and regrading of the entire site.