In just 14 months since organizing in June 2015, the Conservancy has become recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization, signed an operating agreement with the Town with regard to future restoration projects, has had five planned restoration projects approved in concept by the Park and Recreation Commission, raised substantial funds from board members and private donors (including a $20,000 grant from the New Canaan Community Foundation), and just now completed its first project.

Congratulations are in order for Board Chair Bob Seelert and Vice Chair Bill Holmes and the entire board for accomplishing so much in such a short time.

Special congratulations and thanks are in order for board member and local landscape architect Keith Simpson who has developed, pro bono, detailed initial plans for future restorations of the Waveny grounds, gardens, pond and “cornfields.” Keith has been personally involved with Waveny Park for over 40 years and the Conservancy is allowing him to “save Waveny” from the ravages of time and Mother Nature.

Next August will be the 50th anniversary of the acquisition of Waveny Park by the Town from Mrs. Ruth Lapham Lloyd for $1.5 million. It is my understanding that the Conservancy is planning a 50th Anniversary Gala in September 2017 to celebrate the Park and the Conservancy’s early restoration projects.

The Conservancy is more than achieving the goals envisioned by the Town Council in early 2015 when Bob Seelert was invited to take on the task of developing a public-private partnership modeled on the Central Park Conservancy in New York City.

It is the hope of the Town Council and the Conservancy that every New Canaan family will want to support the Conservancy financially. For information about the Conservancy and its plans to raise $2.2 million, go

Kevin Moynihan
Town Council Member