Service Area

The access way to Waveny House from the eastern parking lots used to take visitors through an unsightly service area as they approach the House and gardens. Visitors were forced to circumvent two dumpsters and to bypass the service area container before finding their way into the Peony Walk.

 With a view to beautifying the area, hiding the dumpsters and affording a new entrance worthy of Olmsted, himself, The Conservancy commissioned local landscape designer, Kathryn Herman, to enhance the area.

Her plan, illustrated here, was originally meant to be implemented in 2021. Unfortunately, with spiralling prices due to Covid-induced supply chain issues, The Conservancy elected to delay the project until Spring 2023 when a degree of normality returned to the market.

Work commenced shortly thereafter and was completed in October 2023. Anyone with sharp eyes may notice two benches in the plan that are not yet in the finished photo. Two benches are in the process of being made from the wood derived from the large oak tree that used to stand sentinel above Anderson Pond. They will arrive before year-end and should provide a place to sit and reflect on what is now a beautiful entrance to the formal gardens.


Waveny Park Conservancy

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